Medwave Clinical Research

Post-processing perfusion MRI

Central post-processing in clinical trials:

Medwave has performed several studies where pMRI derived parametric maps where part of the tumor response criteria as additional progression parameter to differentiate between pseudo-progression and true-progression. Please contact us at if you would like to receive more information on this niche service.

Clinical routine:

If your hospital would like to use derived prognostic biomarkers from pMRI imaging but lack the available resources or state-of-the art post-processing software, Medwave is able to perform this post-processing step for you. Within 1 workday upon receipt of the pMRI via our imaging portal, the report with the parametric maps and the ROI statistics can be provided to you. Reporting can as well be customized based on your needs.

In addition, Medwave is able to offer remote solutions for staffing issues to support the clinical routine radiology review at your unit with the help of one of our board-certified radiologists. Please contact us at for further information.